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ScriptSource Diservers, our latest initiative, allows you to quickly find servers to chat in relating to our website and other web app/programming communities. Over 300 users and 150 communities have already joined!

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Use this portal to access settings when using ScriptSource on Krunker, including how the program behaves & to customize the experience.

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Use this portal to access settings when using ScriptSource on MooMoo, including how the program behaves & creating your own additions.

Development Blog:

Why I Started This Blog: Education & Inquiry

Published • December 28th, 2018

As the owner of an extremely popular Web Extension, I frequently receive questions about how one begins creating these programs and what goes into maintaining and growing one. Almost every day, someone sends me a direct message or email asking for a tutorial...

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Intercepting JavaScript Files w/o Requestly

Published • January 1st, 2019

JavaScript (.js) files are the logic behind every website you’ve ever used. For Web Extension developers websites loading them can provide a challenge, however: how does the code I am running in my browser interact with the code that the website itself wants to run? I’ve certainly dealt with challenges...

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Growing your Web Extension: Outreach & Rights

Published • January 12th, 2019

Perhaps more challenging than the task of programming an extension is actually getting people to use it! I definitely did not start out with 120,000 users, and it has taken over a year to reach the point where I am now, with about 500-1,000 new users joining daily...

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Feedback: Handling Thousands of Suggestions

Coming Soon • January 30th, 2018